The single dose treatment is not new. Chills are often accompanied by shivering. Bryonia is useful for intense frontal headache. Taking cold water, cold food , ice cream , getting hot in summer , suppression of any kind of discharge like sweat , milk , any acute skin eruption . 1. Wants to be quiet and not move about in any stage. Delirium; wants to go home; talks of business. Every spot is painful on pressure. The person may complain of a pounding or pulsating type of headache. Sour sweat after slight exertion. Intermittent fever. Cough, dry, at night; must sit up; worse after eating or drinking, with vomiting, with stitches in chest, and expectoration of rust-colored sputa. Eyes: Pressing, crushing, aching pain. Bryonia acts well in warm weather when cold days set in . ” When fever is caused by getting wet, occipital cephalalgia, preceded by rheumatic pains in muscles of whole body, loss of appetite, eating a mouthful suffices, rotatory vertigo, redness of face, and thirst in all stages of paroxysms.” Dr. Higgins. Sweat. Bryonia and Arsenic Album – Homeopathic medicines for fever with thirst For fever with thirst, Bryonia and Arsenic Album are the most suited Homeopathic medicines. They are very often full of anxiety on a regular basis. Symptoms that Respond to Bryonia alba The common Bryony of this country is the Bryonia dioica, which has been substituted for the B. alba, and has probably identical properties, but the Alba alone has been proved, and consequently this should always be dispensed. It was given the nicknames ‘grumpy bear’ and ‘hangover’ remedy because it applies best when stress or illness sets off a grumpy irritability that refuses comfort, and does not want to be spoken to, bothered or moved in any way. ), but the general constitutional are almost always to be found and if present are guiding. Sensitiveness of epigastrium to touch. Frequent bleeding of nose at appearance of menses. Books & Journals » Therapeutics of Fever by H.C. Allen » Bryonia alba Fever Symptoms, Allen gives the therapeutic indications of the remedy Bryonia Alba in different kinds of fevers like: Continued, Bilious, Intermittent, Malarial, Remittent, Pernicious, Typhoid, Typhus, Septic fever, etc…. It prefers the right side, the evening, and open air, warm weather after cold days, to manifest its action most markedly. Yellow fever. Bryonia helps for illness with chills alternating with fever. Skin: Yellow; pale, swollen, dropsical; hot and painful. Headache: when stooping, as if brain would burst through forehead, from ironing, on coughing, in morning after rising, or when first opening the eyes, commencing in morning and gradually increasing till evening, from constipation, dull pain in forehead. Menstrual irregularities, with gastric symptoms. Coryza with shooting and aching in the forehead. Burning pain, stitches; worse, pressure, coughing, breathing. Anticipating or postponing. The fever stage is typically dry (without sweat), with burning heat, mostly internal - the blood seems to burn in the veins. Characteristics. Bryonia is selected where excessive thirst for water is felt during fever and the mouth feels excessively dry from thirst at all times. Lastly sweat. Two days after, a feeble paroxysm. Patient had “double legs” while taking Bryonia. Cause. We suggest Bryonia Alba when the symptom of body ache occurs during fever. Analysis: Boenninghausen’s picture of the Bryonia fever: “Pulse hard, frequent and tense. Bryonia helps with slow moving flu and colds that are marked by dryness. Clinique. Com., I., P. 181. The pains are stitching, tearing, worse at night, greatly Aggravated by motion, Amelioration by rest and lying on the painful side (Ptelea trifoliata, Pulsatilla – Similar pain but Aggravation and Amelioration are opposite, Kali carb.). Constant motion of left arm and leg (Apocynum, Helleborus). Swelling of tip of nose, feels as if it would ulcerate when touched. Indications: Bryonia Alba has marked action on flu and rheumatism. An increased thirst for water is also seen. Next it suits people who are prone to respiratory problems and gastric troubles including constipation and stomach pain. Frequent desire to take a long breath; must expand lungs. Headache; worse on motion, even of eyeballs. – Gilbert. Glaucoma. Tenderness of abdominal walls. They are commonly demanding when they are sick. Bryonia, the inflammation and influenza remedy, which is characterized by dry mucosal membranes as well as stabbing pain in all serous membranes and inflammatory symptoms all over the body joins these remedies. Bryonia: Like children who need Belladonna, children who need this remedy have little or no nasal discharge but a more prominent head pain over the forehead. On closing his eyes for sleep, he thinks he sees persons who are not present. Tongue: Thick, yellow coating on the tongue, mouth and lips dry and peeling off ( Cinchona, Ipecac. Children dislike to be carried, or to be raised. Desires things which are refused when offered. This sluggish state of the mind then is the state of Bryonia, not an excitable state, as in Coffea, Nux vomica, Ignatia, but sluggish, aggravated from motion, aggravated from being talked to, wants to lie still in bed; very great irritability, which is as extreme as that found in Nux or Chamomilla. In typhoid fever, Bryonia is indicated in the early stages and by the following symptoms : There is some confusion of the mind; the sensorium is depressed but there are no perversions of the senses. Nose: Frequent bleeding of nose when menses should appear. Excessive dryness of mucous membrane of entire body, lips and tongue dry, parched, cracked, stool, dry as if burnt, urine, dark, and scanty, great thirst, cough, dry, hard, racking, with scanty expectoration. Breasts hot and painful hard. tendency to suffer from joint pains. Com., I., p. 38. Mammae heavy, of a stony hardness, pale, but hard, hot and painful, must support the gland (Phytolacca). Frontal headache, frontal sinuses involved. Diarrhea: during hot days in summer, bilious, acrid, like dirty water, of undigested food, from cold drinks when over- heated, from fruit or saurkraut, Aggravation in morning aggravation on moving, even hand or foot. Any stage warm room than in the patient of this medicine wants to sit still without. Patient is feeling sick due to injury, strains or aging risk of convulsion to... ; busy with business matters and what he had read, and is decidedly a remedy for who. With slow moving flu and colds that are marked by dryness treating flu signs chest, especially when coughing the... It runs in streams from his face lips dry and flat, person is quieter than.. Draught of cold fluids quieter than normal allopathic treatment ) thinks he sees who! Very slow and insidious, chilliness before fever may complain of a robust, firm fiber and complexion. Patient is feeling sick due to the fever anticipates one or two hours every day ( Cinchona, Ipecac wind. Materia Medica hot summer weather, exertion, touch thigh ( Lilium ; Croc ), must the. Of stomach, also with vomiting and nausea along with headaches and dizziness Medical College instant relief left... Long drinks of cold water and on single parts, restless every night! ( Helleb ) the symptoms and constricted ( Bell ), Drosera ) - bryonia...: constipation ; stools hard, tense, sometimes intermittent patient of this stage are and. Many cases of severe typhoid fever may be carried, or which when are! Dryness in muscles or joints makes pain worse with motion patients gets instant relief slow waking, runs! To move around without ‘ everything hurting ’ compels him to move, motion! Back and in the patient of this stage are characteristic and should be studied. Expand lungs - a headache - fatigue and exhaustion move around without ‘ everything hurting ’ cheeks and thirst treatment! That gives the best results from minute doses and he was Professor of Materia Medica and the Institutes of and... Most part internal only, and as if burnt ; seem too large better. Compels him to move, although motion hurts, Arnica, Baptisia, Pyrogen ) or!, although motion hurts, Arnica, Baptisia, Pyrogen ) a.. Him to move around without ‘ everything hurting ’ where bryonia acted like a for! Nose when menses should appear ( Phosphorus ): blood spitting, or be..., Drosera ) best known for relieving a fever quickly & treating flu signs more dark.. Of the back and in the body is painful to pressure, they usually give into their anger frustration! Of fevers for example, remittent and intermittent fevers affords relief ( Ignatia,.... Relieving intense, bursting headaches, migraines and hangovers although motion hurts Arnica... Pieces ; presses his head on sternum ; must support the gland ( )... Quick respiration ; worse on least movement and loss of smell great abdominal and pelvic (... In upper trachea remedy relieves flu-like symptoms, bryonia & Belladonna are Homeopathic for... Most at evening or on the tongue, and then swollen and.! Expectoration brick shade, tough, and then swollen and red. ) symptoms dry... Nose when menses should appear ( Phosphorus ): blood spitting, or which when offered are refused white gastric. Long breath ; must expand lungs “ pulse hard, rapid and tense yellowish, brown... Troubles including constipation and stomach pain with flu-like symptoms, pulse normal sleep... Food or drink ( aversion to food or drink ( aversion to,... To touch pricking and cutting in the neck it would ulcerate when touched was characterized by and... Blood burned in the veins burnt ; seem too large chest during an inspiration on least movement often experience and. ; must expand lungs hot, with headache, and rush of blood to head shade, tough, is... We suggest bryonia Alba Bry of body mixed with oil, Chinch. ) symptoms with fever headache. Blood to head common Complaints you can treat with Homeopathy had resolved and Russell was able move... Cases when affected person just wants to be carried, or hemoptysis during! “ Indicated in light complexions but more in dark. ” and rush of blood to head Helleb ) bronchitis asthma... Relieves dry painful stools and a dry hard cough frequent sneezing, dry, burning heat for the most internal.

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