The Dasgupta/Sengupta surname as belongs to Kuleen Vaidya/Boidya Bramhins. @Tina nice article thank you.Please add Bhaduris under Barendra heading.Thank you once again. Nice blog; very informative. ISBN 8174763554. Telugu Brahmin Surnames. The descendants of these families became known as Rarhi and Barendra brahmins as per their settlement. The kulin families are further divided into two sections: Barendra : Belonging to those families who settled at the north or north east region of Ganges or Padma river. Kulin Brahmins are the Bengali Brahmins who can trace themselves to the five families of Kanauj who migrated to Bengal. nice post ,i also never paid attention to this factors until my marriage time when my mom pointed on this factors ,very well researched article .. Bose is usually Kayastha. A Bengali Kulin Brahmin surname of the Jatukarna Gotra/clan. Register Now … I am told we are Rahri, but my father's of Sanyal (vatsya gotra) decent. Hema Malini was a Chakravarti Iyengar Brahmin, while Mithnun Da was a Bengali Chakravarti. The most Kulin families were found in the USA in 1920. Nice article... Will definitely encourage my family to read about their own ancestry. and Ahom-origin (Barua, an upadhi from the tai-Ahom language).2. Manipuri Brahmins have surnames like Sarma (Sharma) and Chakravarti.3. Simply no , Bose are amongst 'Kulin Káyasthas' or the highést class of Kayasthas. Marriages within the gotra ("swagotra" marriages) are banned under the rule of exogamy in the traditional matrimonial system. A Bengali Kulin Brahmin surname of the Kashyapa Gotra/clan. i am tuhin chakraborty. nice article.. could you plz help me in providing knowledge regarding dasgupta. We are as good or as bad as anyone else. If they are found offensive, they won't appear at all.Comments submitted anonymously will no longer be published.Also please proof read your comments before submitting them. I am Tarun Kr.Mazumder and I am belongs to Vatsa Gotra Shaya Vede Barindra Brahmin. I will not be posting comments here that I feel are racist/caste-ist. The Kanaujiya/kanyakubj Brahmins who settled in Bengal had the following gotras: (Shandilya, Bhardwaj, Kashyap, Swavarna and Vatsav/Vatsya); these gotras denote the Rishis whose followers the Brahmins were. The five Brahmin families were differentiated by their gotras. dukeSS April 19, 2017 at 11:42 PM. Pages in category "Kulin Brahmin surnames" The following 4 pages are in this category, out of 4 total. Obviously this guy is in US now and is desperately trying to find reasons to "justify" his own perception of the Brahmin caste being superior to other humans as the most intelligent of all the immigrants . Can you please help me to know my root . One who does not have a high IQ score cannot be called unintelligent, say a tribal from Africa. The connection between the saraswat Brahmins and kanaujiya/kanyakubj Brahmins is this that during the Aryan migration the saraswat Brahmins, called thus because they lived along the banks of the river saraswati, which began to disappear underground during Parushurama's time. The list of these great Bengali Kulin Brahmin contributors is endless. If Billal Sen was Baidya than ,Who we are? Very informative post although I got one question. Bengali Brahmin surnames include Banerjee, Chatterjee, Ganguly, Ghoshal, Goswami, Mukherjee, Nath, Sanyal, Bhowmick, etc. How do you use aryan migration theory here? We have always lived outside Bengal, so I am not very sure of my lineage. Great post @Tina. 1 lakhs Brahmin Kulin profiles on MatrimonialsIndia.Com have already found their love-partners. Tina, apt reply to the obviously "caste supremacist " remark by "Sampan". these group belongs to father brahmin-mother kshatriya girl clan as described in vipra vamsa clearly confirms there gotras as brahminical sice we follow "pitru-lineage"/father lineage. Many boys have found matching brides on our matrimony. It may surface during the marriage process, but the young are not concerned. Like all ideas it is culture bound. Our original last name was Sanyal (Varendra; Vatsya gotra). Around 800 to 825 AD: During the reign of kshitishUra (early 9th century AD) [son of bhUshUra ( ~790 AD)], rADhi Bengali brahmins were classified into 56 groups based on the name of the village granted to them 2.

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