Orochimaru is masterful in wielding the legendary Sword of Kusanagi, able to compete against his former teacher while wielding his mighty bo-staff. Orochimaru was an orphan who became a pupil of Hiruzen Sarutobi alongside Jiraiya and Tsunade. For more grievous injuries, like bisection, he can reconnect himself or shed his skin to regurgitate a new body, free from all damage. Hiruzen is only one of many Konoha ninja to die in the village's defence during the Konoha Crush. Three white snakes escaped from Orochimaru's body as he was sealed, but at least one of these snakes was subsequently killed by the black flames of Amaterasu. Oro's side wins this 9/10. [59] He also created the Mind Awakening Pill to help speed up the cursed seal's progression. As a stall-type shinobi, Orochimaru would fit in well with other stall-oriented team members. Orochimaru's first jutsu. Ultimately, they gave Mitsuki a choice to continue enduring these painful memories or have his mind reset to before he ever even knew about Boruto. At Sasuke Uchiha's request he then reincarnates the Hokage. Danzo or Hiruzen? Chat. . In the anime, Hiruzen permitted Danzō to create Root - a more ruthless subdivision of the Anbu under Danzō's exclusive control - shortly after he became Hokage in order to balance the shortcomings of his empathetic rule. Orochimaru has also shown signs of regret, seemingly saddened by his childhood friend Jiraiya's death. [23] In the anime, during his escape, Orochimaru was found by Kakashi Hatake. While Orochimaru was his student, Hiruzen came to appreciate Orochimaru's natural talent, and often told Jiraiya to be mais like him. Ultimately, Suigetsu reported that the horrific rumours on Chōjūrō were in fact done by Shizuma Hoshigaki, who used the Mizukage as a diversion for his plans at a coup d'état, which were stopped with the aid of Boruto Uzumaki.

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