It has attractive deep purple foliage which emerges green in spring. In Missouri, it most frequently occurs on wooded slopes, bluffs and ravines in areas north of the Missouri River (Steyermark). Prunus virginiana ‘Canada Red’ SIZE: 20’ to 30’ tall by 18’ to 25’ wide HARDINESS: zones 2 to 6 LIGHT: full sun SHAPE: full, oval to round crown, nicely shaped RATE: relatively fast FLOWERS: small white flowers on 3” to 6” long racemes in April or May OTHER FEATURES: Leaves change from green to deep reddish purple in early summer. Chokecherry flowers. Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red' Does Not Ship To: AZ: Grows Well In Zones: 3-8 outdoors You are in Growing Zone: # Growing Zones: 3-8 outdoors (hardy down to -30℉) Product Description. Close up view of beautiful white flowers and buds blooming on a Canada red cherry tree (prunus virginiana) in spring, with blue sky background Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana) fruit, Shoalwater Bay Unit, Klamath Wildlife Area, Oregon. Stems: slender, red-brown to orange-brown, shiny. Bark: more red-brown than the typical gray of P. virginiana, obvious lenticels do not extend very far horizontally like many other Prunus species, remains fairly smooth with age Transplant Issues: easy to transplant B&B or < 2” caliper bare root, quick to establish Prunus virginiana is a deciduous Shrub growing to 3.6 m (11ft 10in) at a fast rate. Spread: 15 feet. The oval leaves are highly ornamental and turn an outstanding red in the fall. What it needs: Canada Red Chokecherry is an extremely tolerant tree which can grow in almost any conditions. Fast growth rate. Canada red cherry, known as chokecherry, has many excellent qualities. The distinguishing feature of Canada Red Chokecherry is its purple foliage color. Plant Family: Rosaceae. Prunus virginiana melanocarpa. That is commonly used in the front or back landscape to provide accent or anchoring, or around a deck or patio. The foliage is a bright green with white flowers in the spring and the leaves turn dark purple in the summer. It is in flower in May, and the seeds ripen in August. 'Schubert' is one of the oldest cultivars. Fragrant white flowers in pendulous racemes appear in spring, followed by fruit you and the birds will fight over (homemade jelly!). Prunus virginiana is a large native deciduous shrub or a small tree. Canada Red Chokecherry is a deciduous tree with a more or less rounded form. Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red' Canada Red Chokecherry Vigorous growth; Straight trunk and uniform habit; Beautiful reddish foliage and berries; Height: 20-30 Feet Spread: 18-25 Feet Hardiness Zone: 2-7 Interesting Notes: Canada Red Chokecherry is a very nice smaller size tree dark purple leaves make this tree very noticeable in the landscape. Prunus virginiana, commonly called bitter-berry, chokecherry, Virginia bird cherry, and western chokecherry (also black chokecherry for P. virginiana var. Canada Red Select Chokecherry (Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder) * This is a "special order" plant - contact store for details. Find Canada Red Select Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red Select') in Salt Lake City, Utah (UT) at Millcreek Gardens (Common Chokecherry) Your Favorite Garden Center Since 1955 (801) 487-4131 org/ articles/ prunus/ prunus-virginiana/). Grows to a height of 25ft. Prunus virginiana 'Shubert' Be the first to review this product. View gallery. Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red' – Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red' Einfacher und vielseitiger, mittelgroßer Baum mit einer schmal ovalen bis ovalen, lockeren Krone mit einer Höhe von 6 bis 9 m. Das breit elliptische Blatt treibt hellgrün aus, färbt sich jedoch im Lau… Weiterlesen Prunus virginiana, commonly called chokecherry, is primarily native from Newfoundland to Saskatchewan south to North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri and Kansas. Canada Red Chokecherry Prunus virginiana 'Schubert' Plant Details: Plant Type: Deciduous Tree. PRUNUS virginiana ‘Canada Red’ A small tree with a rounded, pyramidal form and dense foliage that is green at first, changing to maroon-red as leaves mature. Kattintson ide, és válogasson szabadon webáruházamban. Choke cherry - Prunus virginiana - Zone 1 Choke cherries are small, fast growing shrubs or occasionally trees. This tree should be planted at least 5ft away from buildings. In Missouri, it most frequently occurs on wooded slopes, bluffs and ravines in areas north of the Missouri River (Steyermark). Plant Data Sheet: Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana) Range. selected from a native stand near Valley City, North Dakota. Recommended citation 'Prunus virginiana' from the website Trees and Shrubs Online (treesandshrubsonline. LOC #184. and a spread of 20ft.. The spread can originate from the shallow, spreading root system that may form additional plants from the lengthy underground runners. Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red Select' Add To My Plant List. Height: 20 feet. Usually a shrub in the wild state, 2 to 15 ft high, occasionally a … New leaves emerge green and turn purple as they mature. Prunus virginiana, commonly called chokecherry, is primarily native from Newfoundland to Saskatchewan south to North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri and Kansas. 'Canada Red' - is a tree in which the leaves are green at first then become dark purple, by June about 90% of the foliage is purple (Jacobson, 1996) $69.95: $39.99: CHE-CCL3C: 3-4' 5 gal. It is hardy to zone (UK) 2. Climate, elevation. Do not confuse it with cultivar Canada Red, which bears darker burgundy-purple leaves but was formed as a … marketed cultivars are 'Schubert', and 'Canada Red'. Canada Red Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red'): L eaves: ovate, lanceolate leaves which taper to a more slender point, emerge green, turn purple; leaves 3-5" long and 2 as wide; glabrous. The Canada Red Cherry has a pyramidal, rounded head with leaves that emerge green and turn red-purple as the weather warms. Growing in the wild, it can form thickets, which can become very dense. Hardy to -40°F Maximum Elevation: 9,000 ft. p> 2020 Canada Red Cherry Clump. Accessed 2020-10-10. Small white flowers in hanging clusters 3-5″ long are produced in May. Not available for the Early Order Sale. Why Canadian Red Chokeberry Trees? Accessed 2020-10-10. Suitable for: light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils and prefers well-drained soil. Sunlight: Prunus virginiana ‘Canada Red’: Growing zones 2-8. 10 more photos VIEW GALLERY. They have beautiful white flowers and dark red to black berries that are a superb base for jams, jellies, syrups, juices, and fruit leather. $ SALE! Canada Red (Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red'): Foliage emerges green, then changes to purple and fianlly red in autumn. In late April or early May 3 … SKU# 2' 3 gal. Canada Red Chokecherry features showy chains of fragrant white flowers hanging below the branches in mid spring. Common Name : Canada Red Select Chokecherry Scientific Name : Prunus virginiana ‘Schubert’ Zone : 2 to 7 Height : 20 to 30 feet Width : 15 to 20 feet Culture : Grow in average, dry to medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Fast growing and disease resistant. ‘Canada Red’ Chokecherry. Chokecherry - Prunus virginiana- is a large, highly adaptable native shrub that tolerates a wide range of soil and light conditions.Typically reaching 20 feet high with an irregular rounded-oval crown, Chokecherry produces a profusion of cylindrical white flowers in the spring. A reddish-purple-leaved selection of chokecherry (Prunus virginiana), the cultivar Schubert was introduced in the 1940s as an ornamental tree for garden settings. Averaging 25 feet, it can also provide shade for those with small or large yards alike. Chokecherry is widespread and spans the breadth of Southern Canada to as far south as Texas. More intense color than 'Schubert'. Faster growing. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer … Add to Wishlist; Share This. Since chokecherry is widespread it thrives in a variety of climates. Canada Red Chokecherry can be grown as a single or multi-stemmed small tree or large shrub. 4,5 Local Western and Black chokecherry varieties may be found at low to middle elevations. P. virginiana var. 5 . Chokecherry 'Canada Red' Prunus virginiana. Print This Page. Family: Rosaceae (ro-ZAY-see-ee) Genus: Prunus (PROO-nus) Species: virginiana (vir-jin-ee-AN-uh) Cultivar: Canada Red: Additional cultivar information: (aka Schubert, Shubert) 2 vendors have this plant for sale. Canada Red Select Chokecherry. Its parent rootstock is . Prunus virginiana melancarpa 'Canada Red' Size: #5 15-25 feet high x 15-20 feet wide Broad rounded shape Zone 2 Full Sun to Part Shade. Leaves emerge green and mature to dark purple by early summer. Excellent bird food. Loc #184. Prunus virginiana ‘Canada Red’ Zone: 2 Height: 25’ Spread: 20’ Shape: Upright spreading, rounded Foliage: Leaves emerge green, turn purple in summer Fall Color: Red to reddish purple Flower: Small white, in long clusters This very cold hardy tree is remarkable for its leaves that emerge green and mature to dark demissa - western chokecherry - thicket forming shrub, occurs from British Columbia southward into northern Mexico, Texas, and California (except the coast and Central Valley). Prunus mahaleb: inflorescence a fascicle with 4–10 flowers, the pedicels much longer than the axis of the inflorescence, and leaf blades toothed with blunt teeth (vs. P. virginiana, with the inflorescence a raceme with mostly 18–64 flowers, the pedicels shorter than the axis of the inflorescence, and leaf blades toothed with sharp teeth). Plant Description: Medium to small deciduous tree available in single or multi-stemmed forms. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Insects. Delicious Berries and Multiple Seasons of Color. Canada Red Chokecherry is a medium sized ornamental tree. Bark: dark reddish … A Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red' – Vörös levelű májusfa fajtám a díszfák elegáns képviselője lesz kertjében, ami pompás virágaival elvarázsol mindenkit. SIZE: REG. Rendelését kertészetem házhoz szállítja. Schubert (Prunus virginiana 'Schubert'): Foliage emerges green, then changes to purple and fianlly red in autumn.

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