I will never purchase any Samsung product ever. I am attempting to repair it myself but I know it will just be a bandaid. I spent a lot of money and I am very disappointed. Drum has cracked and damaged my clothes. Add me to the Class Action suit! I have a cracked drum as well, with zero support from Samsung. Brand: Samsung. Samsung sells nothing but faulty electronics and appliances . Bought the set in 2016 and now am replacing them both. I was researching replacement parts when I found this. I hope they win and we can all make a claim. Crack, just like every one else on this comment link!! drum part # is dc90-15183a dryer is only been used a few times and the drum seams to be lob-sided and is wearing through the felt around the rim, it is now scraping the metal and wearing through the edge showing a big sharp metal fragment, Hole worn and tear in rear of drum made very loud noise until unit was stopped. Racks, leaking water, not locking, not cleaning. The rubber seal in the back has gone out and the tub has dropped. I’ve called Samsung several times about this problem, and they just deny it and the reps all say they’ve never heard of a drum breaking. I’m drum cracked and is making an awful noise. Duct Heater. Shop Parts Diagrams & Manuals Common Problems Related Videos. Mine gives gas smell and they told me it’s normal I bought it new and replaced it still the same, Add me ! Obviously this is something they should recall. The salesperson at BestBuy assured us that Samsung washers and dryers were of very high build quality. Yeah, right! is_redirect && ! Written by admin. Count me in!!! Dryer has a big crack the about 7” long and has destroyed them called Samsung and there doing nothing the dryer is 3 years old. Has this gone anywhere. if there a form to submit? I bought upgrades high price appliance from them . Though gratefully my son did not hurt himself and we replaced the dryer, we suffered 2 years of a defective product and wondered if there was any help out there for us? This is BS! Add me too. I want a Fulk refund. I purchased a Samsung washer and dryer from Sears in Florida I was not informed /or told of any issue that could / would happen to the dryer drum these dryers are very expensive I know with out a doubt had I been informed of this problem I would have never purchased this product I would have purchased something much cheaper. Two things, the color I purchased is discontinued and the washer has is still 10 under warranty. GENUINE REPLACEMENT PARTS INC. We found a crack on the Drum today. Samsung said this is not a known issue. View and Download Samsung DV50F9A6EVW/A2 user manual online. Garcia experienced the issue similar to DeFrank and noticed the issue after his clothing had been damaged by a crack in the drum. He told us since it will cost us about $600 for parts and labor, he suggested for us to just buy a new dryer. What should I do? Lint Screen-Filter Case for Samsung DV48H7400EW/A2 Dryer. Samsung dryer destroyed and ripped my wife work clothes and underwear, Same thing here, cracked dumb destroyed clothes. I asked Samsung if there was a recall on this defect and they won’t give me a direct answer. Cracked drum just like the others. I’ve had a Samsung Washer and dryer for about 5 years and we recently discovered our dryer drum has a huge crack in it. My drum cracked right after warranty ended of course. yes add me to the list -less than 2 years old crappy device. Also have a cracked Samsung dryer. Product: Dryer. And they weren’t cheap appliances!!! So common that, according to the plaintiffs, there are multiple guides on the web which explain how to fix the problem. Sooo frustrated!!! Mine was bought in 2018, and last night i heard a loud noise and when i opened it to look there is a huge RIP i the metal ..its more than a crack!! If you agree and consent to the use of cookies, please click Accept. My 3 year old Samsung dryer is making loud screeching noises sounds like it’s going to catch on fire. But almost the same price to ship it is ridiculous! Search the entire DV48H7400EW for your part by name. My dryer has a huge crack and a hole in it. My 3 year old Samsung dryer started banging then drum cracked and it smells like its burning behind the drum. Click on the diagram where you think your part is located. Cracked drum, shredded clothes and destroyed towels. please i would like to be added in this law suit .. You can contact class counsel with your questions. Why has no one taken on a case about the mold in the Samsung washers like every other brand? Required fields are marked *, UPDATE: On Oct. 26, 2020, a class action lawsuit claiming a Samsung dryer defect causes the drums in the appliances to crack is intact after a motion to dismiss.... Read More, © 2020 Top Class Actions LLC. Mine cracked too! The clothes aren’t being ruined but the dryer is making this obnoxious squeaking noise every time we turn it on. I removed the to cover and found a crack in the seam of the Drum. Horrible product, our dryer went out for the third time in 4 years. We paid high price for the dryer that is horrible quality, I purchased a Samsung dryer from Best Buy in 2015 and it cracked in the back last year.

  • Squeaking Samsung Dryer. Our drier just bit the dust. The second time, you guessed it, the drum cracked. Any lawsuit on that? I sure wish I could post photos but I almost got burned by my barely over a year old Samsung dryer . We have Samsung dryer DV42H5200EP. 1 year and cracked drum. Each time it has caught fire. According to the Samsung dryers class action, the defect occurs because Samsung allegedly uses thin gauge steel in the drums and defective fly wheels. It’s a nightmare, bc all of them are already having issues. Then I could not get anyone on the phone. The plaintiffs intend to hold Samsung accountable for deceptive trade and business practices under several federal and state consumer protection laws. It has damaged our clothes. They have not been moved since the installation. v. Samsung Electronics America Inc., Case No. Samsung referred me to an outsourced technician and said there is no more warranty after a year on it, We paid to have the drum fixed. I called a repairman to check the dryer, he told us we need to replace the 2 rollers, the drum and the drum guide. I’ve only ever owned Kenmore appliances in the past and just to work with my Dad in his appliance repair service. I’m having the same issue. Same thumping sound on our dryer; called repairman. Thanks. Claim forms are usually not made available to consumers until after a court approved settlement is reached. I spoke to two different representatives. Unbelievable! O by the way the one year warranty has pissed by if it had 2 year warranty it would still be working because the manufacture would have made machines to last longer. How can I be added to this lawsuit as well? My dryer has done the same thing as everyone else as mentioned. Even had to replace heat element at 13 months old, I’ve had Sears dryers last longer than this, so disappointed. (In Ohio). My dryer too. Had it 3 years and the drum started to crack last year . I also have heard loud noises from my dryer while running and clothes have small holes in them. so frustrating!!!! We currently are having same issue cracked drum heating went. She, also, was not authorized to speak with us. We bought it new. What did u end up doing. Lint Filter Cover for Samsung DV48H7400EW/A2 Dryer. How can I be added to this? If Colorado is in this class action suit, please let me know. For example: HLP141E or WD-5100-23. But , it was a Kenmore , we will see what the service man says , never again Samsung ! I am very angry. We replaced the element. We have the same cracked Samsung dryer. How do we join the case? This is ridiculous! Even my washer has a had to be repaired because of a water leak. Feel frustrated cause we’ve only had our dryer for 3-4 years.y last dryer I’ve owned for over 10years. I went to both the warranty holder and Samsung, both said they wouldn’t help me. Genuine product manufactured by Samsung. Drum now has a crack in it and making a very loud thumping noise. Drum in our dv42h5200ef/a3 cracked a couple of months ago. Of course I contacted Samsung to ask if there was a recall and they said NO and my guarantee also expired. Just discovered a huge crack in the drum. We pay top dollar for these appliances that are supposed to last a very long time. My Samsung washer is 1 month old and it smells moldy, it’s new. They fixed my refrigerator. They replaced a pair of aging (10+ year old) Whirlpool units. This is the second drum that we have had to replace in two years due to holes and cracks. Called Samsung, nothing they can do because it only has a one year warranty! How can I be added to this class action? I’m so stressed I have four kids and it’s hard for me to do laundry outside ‍♀️. In Ohio, thanks. We paid very good money for this dryer. Took light and looked inside to find large.crack and hole in drum near back of.dryer. please include me also – bought mine in january 2018 and having the drum replaced a 2nd time. I have a Samsung dryer model # DV231AEW/XAA has been making noises and now cracked my cloths are getting damaged i would like to be part of the class action. Every time we called and spoke to someone, we were told that the person on the phone wasn’t authorized to speak to us, and that someone from another department would be calling (liability, I believe? Others had warnings of horrible noises as theirs was going out. Motor Clamp for Samsung DV48H7400EW/A2 Dryer. We also have installation guides, diagrams and manuals to help you along the way! only 4 years old. Dryer drum cracked and was replaced. Genuine product manufactured by Samsung. Supposed to be “top of line”. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. Also paid to replace rollers. Started making a loud grinding noise. I have a samsung dryer as well and it started to make a loud thud and I noticed a crack in the drum. Bull $#!t. I noticed a hole in my drum of my Samsung dryer. Show Less. My dryer has a cracked drum After 10 months and Samsung refuses to fix. Samsung DV48H7400EW/A2 | Full Specifications: Door Type: Side Open, Control Type: Dials & Keypad, Window: yes, Drum capacity: 7.4, Power Spoke to samsung cust serv rep and sent them pic. We bought ours in October 2016 and we also have a hike in our drum. In researching this issue, it’s clear that this is not an isolated issue for Samsung dryers. What a piece of junk they have marketed. We just bought a new one. We never put anything heavy like wet sneakers or anything that would cause a banging sound. My drum is cracked as well, is there any news? Shop Samsung.com to find the best tech at the best prices and recieve news on our latest technology and exclusive offers. The extended warranty from Lowe’s is now out of date as the dryer is 6 years old. Hello, Sign in. How do we become part of this class action lawsuit. Genuine product manufactured by Samsung. My samsung dryer model DVE50M7450W heat no longer works..i checked for codes and it shows Clg..vent clogged..i took out lint filter cleaned bottom out.took of vent ducts cleaned them completely out..made sure duct wasnt resticted anywhere and still no heat.and still same Clg code.its onky 5 months old. Genuine product manufactured by Samsung. Wish i would have investigated Samsung more before i bought all new appliances from them. I am extremely disappointed with what I thought was a top of the line dryer. Ironically there warranty expires and the parts become faulty at the end of the warranty period. Model: DV48H7400EW/A2-0000. For only being 2 years old, that should not have happened. I have had nothing but problems with them both. I will never buy another washer or dryer from Samson what a piece of garbage I’ve had problems ever since I bought it within the first year I had a problem with the dryer squeaky belt and the drum comes apart so they went ahead and sent to Mechanic the mechanic put I don’t know how many parts four months later same problem and every year after that yesterday I had to call him back up for the same problem luckily I bought a five year warranty on parts and labor otherwise I would’ve had to throw this piece of garbage out. At that price, I might as well purchase a new dryer. It is now making chirpiing sounds, and I am sure it is a problem with the drum, This happened to me about a month ago. Our clothes are destroyed and now I’m left with a broken drum on a two-year old Samsung dryer. Shop Parts Diagrams & Manuals Common Problems Related Videos. Mine too!! Your email address will not be published. I had to fix the electric panel within the 1st 2 years. Lint accumulates where heating element is, causing fire hazard!! Same issue! My samsung dryer will not tumble but lights on and appears that it is. Refrigerator ice maker and water filter issues ice maker already replaced water leaks from water filter, slowly a pool of water accumulates bottom of fridge, worried about it leaking on wood floors and causing more serious damages, dishwasher does not wash AT ALLLL, we have to rinse any debris and scrub dishes before putting in for a wash, such a waste of water, have microwave, our oven ignitor went out and was replaced, washer machine rusted scheduled for repairs soon and the dryer just today the lint tray cracked which is just another thing, plus TV’s. We’ve had ours for barely 3 years, and it just started making a lot of noise and would shut off. Samsung Electric Dryer Model DV48H7400EW/A2 Front Door Assembly . Drum Parts. They gave me a phone number to call for a repair. Now Dec 2019 heating (not drying close properly) when i checked I saw the long crack in the drum where when I manually rotate the drum the crack become more visible. All. Samsung kept calling us back to leave messages that they were going to call us. I’m having the same issue with the loud clanking noise. Please add me to the lawsuit. This website is not intended for viewing or usage by European Union citizens. Click on your symptom to see what causes it and how to fix it. You can then ‘Follow’ the article above, and get notified immediately when we post updates! Thanks. Add another Dryer to the Junk Yard..! Genuine product manufactured by Samsung. What do I nee dto do to be added the the Class Action Suit against Samsung? Since we bought this washer and dryer set back in 2012 we’ve had some issues with the washer but the dryer has been a nightmare. I had them call Samsung and they said the same thing HD said. Having to repeat the model and serial number to the washer and dryer that were purchased together January 2016. What a horrible way to conduct business! So sick and tired of Samsung. My warranty expired in 2019. Dryer Heating Element (DC47-00019A), (DC96-00887A and DC47-00016A) Thermal Fuse, (DC32-0000… Dryer is less than 2 years old. What do I do? Sounded like bike chains grinding as drum spun. How do I get added to the class action list. I have a Samsung front load dryer that just quit on me as a matter of fact last night and it’s the it says refer to service dv405, DV 398, dv395, and I cannot figure out what’s wrong with mine and I would like to be placed on this list please. I would not have even paid less for the sub-par material. These dryers are expensive and don’t even last! I would also be interested in more info on the class action suit. I called Samsung today and said I would be joining the Lawsuit they offered to pay for the drum but not the labor. But when I complained, I was told it was my fault for overloading the machine. Reading over the comment sounds as if Samsung is not going to repair nor replace it only owned it for two years the last washer/dryer set was a not a brand name but at least I owned it with no problems for more than 10 years. Nothing but repairs and problems …same with my Samsung refrigerator….lesson learned ….expensive! I am lucky i didn’t cut my finger because the metal is very thin and the edges are sharp. High Limit Thermostat for Samsung DV48H7400EW/A2 Dryer. Had the dryer 3 years has been thumping and making the burning smell for about 2 years. I have never had this kind of problem before. Genuine product manufactured by Samsung. Making a huge banging noise. Please add us to the law suit. Plz help!!!! I am very dissatisfied with Samsung and their dryer defect. Even our microwave had to be replaced in 1 year. Keep searches simple, e.g. Please add me to the suit. Chat (offline) Sears Parts Direct. Please add me as well. It is really sad that Samsung is not taking ownership of this defect. Genuine product manufactured by Samsung. that reports on class action lawsuits, class action settlements, It has broken down within the first 90 days which was under warranty. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. Submit Search. Our dryer is only a couple years old and I just had to pull out one of my nice shirts from a drum hole. Tonight while I was doing one load of I noticed the dryer was making the loud noises that caused me to call before about issues. Genuine product manufactured by Samsung. Samsung should be help accountable for fraud and deceit. Gas and Electric Dryer. All Models Parts. $147.89 . The drum alone is like $500 plus to get someone to fix it another couple hundred!!! We need to do something about this. Dryer Heating Element for Samsung DV48H7400EW/A2 Dryer. The Samsung Dryers Class Action Lawsuit is DeFrank, et al. The Samsung defective dryer class action lawsuit claims that the cracked drum problem is widespread and common. These dryers are garbag. Washer had multiple repairs. My dryer is only 3 years old and having the same issue but now I can’t find the drum replacement. My 4ish year old dryer has been making noise. How do I join this law suit? I have two drums that cracked and destroyed clothes, rollers and left lint and flammable debris all within a few inches of the heating element, which could have caught fire. My issue is a cracked bulkhead at the rear of the drum. I have found many items in the last load being dried have been torn to include my childrens’ clothing. Add me to the suit! Placeholders.enable(); It has also torn up multiple pieces of clothing. Won’t purchase another Samsung Product! DVHATRAINING MANUAL DRYER 开发 - BASIC Model This document can not be used without Samsung's authorization Wiring Diagram 8. Yes my clothes bed sheets and so much more have been damaged I want to join as well. Loud thumping noise!! So annoying. It lasted about 13 months. I have a cracked drum and they no longer make a replacement drum for it. I have had nothing but problems with both my Samsung washer and dryer since I purchased them…My dryer literally broke 3 months after I purchased it (The heating element went)…i have had to repair this dryer 5 times within the last 3 years!! Seven years old. Dryer Timing Gear Drum Belt for Samsung DV48H7400EW/A2 Dryer. I wish I had done some exploratory surgery before I ordered all 4. First drum replaced 14 months post purchase. Samsung electric dryer. It was purchased in 2016 my the original home owners. Contact Us. I hate that! does this class action suit cover model # dv43h5000ew/a3 Crack moves with drum rotation. Hose Connector Assembly for Samsung DV48H7400EW/A2 Dryer. CeraVe Oil-Free Skincare Products Contain Oil, Class Action Lawsuit Says, Land Rover InControl Computer Scrutinized in Class Action Lawsuit, Consumer Class Action Lawsuit & Settlement News, Coronavirus Legal News & Class Action Lawsuits. Had ours for barely over 2 years, cracked drum. For an expensive dryer(steam) it should last way more than 6 years. The very same, we have a samsung steam moisture senson dryer that is less than 3 years old, the drum has separated, and it damages our clothes! Now the dryer drum is cracked and the warranty is expired. I called Samsung today and a supervisor told me he has never heard of any problems with cracked drums. Product: Dryer. Has this gone anywhere? We first noticed an issue with the noise thumping every time we dried our clothes. Out of warranty . Class Action Rebates | Cash You Can Claim! Crack in the drum. I have the same issues. Note: Includes the insulators and restring coil, which are already attached for easy installation. It’s pretty sad that such a well known brand is making a name for itself in a negative manner. Called Samsung parts to try to order new drum to install ourself. Second drum only lasted six weeks before cracking. Learn more about the cookies we use. December 31, 2019 at 1:54 am. Genuine product manufactured by Samsung. +1-888-873-3829. Only an issue if you have a smaller laundry room without space for side-by-side models.
    I have had the same issue with my Samsung dryer. We do not have finances to pay for one. I ended up replacing the dryer for $625. After questionable parts replaced, dryer sounded as if it were full of spare change! Just pulled one of my Wife’s chamise tops out of the crack… top is now a rag. The 10-year warranty is only for the washer. I have not repaired yet but add me to the list. Genuine product manufactured by Samsung. Purchased A Samsung Washer/Dryer pair from Home Depot. However the noise persisted. My dryer is less than 2 years old. Less than 3 years old and we have replaced an idler pulley. We only do 3 loads of laundry a week. This is a True Samsung Part!