PROCESS CMYK CMYK 90.000000 lk1kDKPCa5fCTs5YI49BkEZCYMhuPfFmnnb/AJRHVv8AmGk/Vm01/wDcS9zpezf8Yh/WDDvJ3njy H7Hf8rD8mf8AV0j/AOBk/wCacf5SwfzvvX+SNT/MP2O/5WH5M/6ukf8AwMn/ADTj/KWD+d96/wAk Step 3: Wash hands for at least 20 seconds (including your palms, back of each hand, between fingers, thumbs and under nails). 0000397312 00000 n OwX00ViUM27VDBQpAbChGSz+WvKmlwRkRaZp5lS3hSNCFMsp4rsgJJPVmPQVZjQE4qxf8wte03Vf If you have any questions or comments regarding this information please contact the Infection Prevention & Control Hand Hygiene Program at: Original date: May 2017 Revised date: June 2019 . C=90 M=25 Y=0 K=0 0000365671 00000 n Use liquid soap Utilisez du savon liquide. RUB HANDS FOR HAND HYGIENE! 0.000000 50.000000 PROCESS KQrqK2iSMjUPFltowefHsu5OXYYSjGpS4j31Tj55wlK4R4I9139pYvaeYNZ/RrqZJ2uIvWD3Vz5b *Any skin complaints should be referred to local occupational health or GP. GRAY Putting on (Donning) PPE poster. PROCESS 0.000000 5jR7WlKBkMZNc9/2OXPsOMMghLKAZcttz9qbX35gaZbeXbLWIoZJ31E8LSzWgdpASrKSOX2WFO+Z New_5_Moments_Poster 60.000004 Cover Your Cough poster – Clinics and Offices. JGR3ZhIQTGvBfh9Tj9ntTfNlk0WKcuKUbPxdPj7QzwgIRlUR7uqNk8uwyaa2mOYzYPCbZoODUMRX 45.000000 hand in left palm and vice versa. 75.000000 152 0000346392 00000 n PNvzC8u6v5XSCCz9PUNRmtobn0dkQc5CsiBi4DcVQkNUfLMOWmjjmI5DsRe34LtsevyZ8Mp4Y+oS CMYK Poster Message: Wash or sanitise your hands. 0000153066 00000 n Wet your 3 hands. 0000375330 00000 n GRAY +DlJWWl5iZmpucnZ6fkqOkpaanqKmqq6ytrq+v/aAAwDAQACEQMRAD8A69+d3nzzx5F0mz1/QrKz Rinse thoroughly under running water. 9lYyecvs/U76PtFniAKht5H/AIpQm/JrTBrlpDFJdto721y95cmWH1EuUkgFsij0/sujzlvhP2Ru qsmj+bfq5jg1XTxMQo9abTXkIoCG2S6hG+xG2xr2IAVWHR/OixKkeraWzqf7ybS5WJA5/aCXsQqR It is designed for all audiences and can be downloaded for free through GHP’s resource hub. +wcVX2uoW1tbCZrrzG6c3Mkculc3ROJKsQLIsVCulAhLVG45CTFUFHKlvAkC6x5rNvDGkrX76PHI Diaper and dress the child. YxJEaSXD6KY5Gry4gRS6WqHjXconYcjirRtLK8FzGdZ8zQSagY0JGnPGYGtFHP02Gn+nGJf2m+y5 This includes posters on what is COVID-19 and how you can stop it spreading, how to wash your hands … Step 5: Dry hands well with paper towel. Download PDF [3 MB] – ideal for printing Download PNG [5 MB] – ideal for printing. Student will correctly complete the word scramble activity sheet. I4l6kABTa0st8wa+t95d1nRLy6gur1LT6zbXduCkc8cbBnUx8pDHNFx+NC24owp8Spia4Xhk5/ZU OTtGEcUZgXxcg4mLsmcs0sZIHBzPkxmLVLzUfzV0WW8sJNOuY7WSOS2kYP8A7rnYMrACoIbwzBjm +Hpwmd9O8o6DyBoEEkEkWnOHtpPWgJec8XqDXdj3UdcxpdoZ5AgnY+Q/U5kOy9LEgiO43+o/rZRp 8rZ85f7+h/5FLj/K2fv+wL/IOm7j83f8rZ85f7+h/wCRS4/ytn7/ALAv8g6buPzd/wArZ85f7+h/ Wet hands with running water. 0.000000 CMYK 30.000002 ciJUdBxpUddxnR6jQynkMqhRrnxXy8jTyWm7RjjxCNzsXsOCud9QSmLaJYDyncaJElqvr20kTRc5 NdBCJ6DqT+N+5fZfmTYrFFBcTXUs6xkNcFUQTSRt6bBVWQ/Ex+IKOxyE+ycpJI4QO6zt9jPH23gE Free printable maze coloring pages for kids. 0000397389 00000 n n1v6x9dSV+P1f0eHD0pYaV9Y1rXtirJvKH5nWmsflRH56vfSiMFnNPqMUZKos9sGEqKGLMOTJ8IJ 6. Remove gloves and discard. 69zaylW/agjDozcwxIoqy9fMeqQqDf8Al6+hVaevPbtb3cS1NKosUv1mQfKCvtihgv5leePK+q6S 3. Screen view: A2 pdf, 5.62Mb; A3 pdf, 5.62Mb; A4 pdf, 2.95Mb OzSzivdQjgjbkoTUtUDbKVC+p9b58RX7PKmKpxYaAbGExQ3LupNS07TTv0A+3NK7dB44qifqFx/v wYdqEMEF/cQwOJYI5HWKRW5hlBIBDUStR3oM1+QASIHJ3GKRlAE7EhMPJv8Aylekf8xcP/Exl2j/ V3W4cMe+Ko3zp5a8uT/85U+VrGfSrOWy1HS5rnULV7eJoricpfn1ZkK8ZHrGp5MCdh4YqlGp+R9W Public Information English Proper Hand Washing for Children A4. Title: How to Hand Wash Author : Alberta Health Services Keywords "Infection Prevention and Control; Hand Hygiene; Hand Wash; Soap; Water; … 9 Pat hands dry with paper towel. 0000231542 00000 n Content source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. av2ahgn2gCTnF4cojjlE3Z8tvjuPhzrnzfQNRgM80ZDh4Y11359NiPfy4uRNPMvMfk7VtV1H1f0d 0.000000 0000394687 00000 n Hum the “Happy Birthday” song from beginning to end twice. Millimeters ksVfUokgvOTh44zVeIYhCPifqtD1zDzxgJeg3F2eknllC8oEZ+X9peu/lV579No/L2pSfu2PHT52 101 jtb5bHT44WeTnC8kwZhL6ZJEUkfEcKtv2OHS4YSjZjxG+8DbbzC9oarLDIAMggOHf0k77/0Ttt39 0.000000 rsVdirsVdirsVdirF/KkcOsX8/nB4r+1nuo30+0srxuCR2ttcSASxwBUKm5IEhMlWpxAoNsVb/M6 These posters are highly recommended for any business, especially during periods of public health concern. CMYK CMYK �����������M�)��;�����C�Kl���Y��&D��o�uR%�F�d����|���f���������k��n��n����C �(Wbc�-������rt��օ[ ���K��W�4�_��-�� ͓�C���'��Ku��աq>`��2�H�)�`�7g# O�|���y��pqk1�mL��/��$��.�65ں n2moeIyem1Qw6aBqyb+8tOt0Zz6yYsRAqyf6oTjS/Ol3N5gj0LVtJfTL6eMy249ZJ1ZQCeqhabI3 H��Wێ�|?_1?�Y^�$`�!Vl�� �gc��F�I� ���jr��B�����۵�!�}�n���}����K���������_����?N���\�R6�����}u�����_~���W�_�}�շ/��}��^~�]����Bi}{�XZ��)���v�p��vY���p���l������\ZO������~��)�aȽb�{�ݯ���&� ����y��^F�r��n�����^I�+w~�����y�ÿ��~�6lR�Jo.q�{b���B�S����2� ��y����S�K,XwK������Fx2�14��Q�+%y:DZ���E� �-p>}��Ӟa� 옶io��=x�R���hy�`@��hT�=��A����м&,�B��Zໄ������=v���p�ީ��W�J�2��h#/l4�G�@��/����~���g��A�r��^Y���I�V���K+����…9*�sC��H��4�A��Û�ܽZj�q��)�˂~1��c7wk�Z������A�:&�B���tN_@7h�R����rZ ���{eJ�a�I�W�vX���K��`]��2w;`�ZW��0rn�UOū� ;����p�u�%G$!g���i��D�i#g�n�zFI�3b�Md}jY�B���%�Ö�΁�m����r„_~~�`8��#QqRd�s��G��8.^����QV��ZƬ����s�@> �����E�*>r}&�#�f�;�|/�/J����[��O"ٱ-ь�%��능���3��T���K"�u�+!=��-ȝ=�S΁���E������G�څ*&�A���Z�)#��#M~�v��*+>��]����9婐��ï�Wz{��`���e㖾������˞��ډ�ꉾ�-}�3}���l{�&6Z{��jW����_)5�/��B�Gq��q��tM뤀9���L�W�3۔�4L�qtQ�q���r��!WQ�wj�&��j�^�27��. 100.000000 y+fcqSeWvL/qSSwavFLDGWYwcl5cBLwA5ctzw+OvGmE6eHMS/F/gsRrM1AGBBPX4X9+yC8z6Voti WWNI4o0Yo/A/30sZWq70qOhzo3iWXwG41elz6jwaWSklqsZkhnkKM1WkPwkRvsVXuNz1pmLG8u91 CMYK Red gIwmeX8IoX37ss0i4nOq2QMjEGeIEFj/ADjMXTE+LH+sPvczWRHgz2/hl9z2a90XWJbqWW11RLaB PROCESS 0.000000 Good hand hygiene is a fantastic preventative tool to stop the spread of germs and disease. Turn off water using paper towel. Free Hand Washing Poster. o8lyLiDeio4lQNG/Yjf4WbNxD0nhPw/Hk8zk9Q4h5X932/es816897p+rw6Fd3Gn+YoLyBriCUXN PROCESS hand around your left thumb and rub as you rotate it. Free Hand Washing Poster Below is a free poster we’ve created that clearly displays the 7 steps of hand washing, which you can download and display in your workplace’s hand washing areas. XlsifJmhKmsw3TabfWBgieRWuZQ6M71j48fRQ14mvUdOmUa7UfuyOKMr7v8ApIuZ2TowMwlwZIcI HelveticaNeue-Roman z0+/0iewg1FgtjdSuCX5Gi8kA+GpI25EiuMe0j4gjKBiJcixl2SPClOExIw+oD9f7FfVfO8sOrza Share kindness, not germs. For more information on coronavirus: 1-833-784-4397 WHEN? 0.000000 1-833-784-4397 5 Dry hands well with paper towel 6 Turn off tap using paper towel 4 Rinse well 1 Wet hands with warm water 20 3 For at least 20 seconds, make sure to wash: palm and back of each hand between fingers … 0000232094 00000 n HpZSkfFw44xroI/rPTyfQ/5WeQl0i1j1a+hCX0qUtYCKehERTp2Zh9w28c2HZ+kMf3k/qLpe2e0h DUrTmrTJcs8MkttI00SGNHaWBopCVQ0FWxVfceWdOnub65ea+EmoRiG4WPUL6ONVUKAYI0mWO3b4 C=25 M=25 Y=40 K=0 30.000002 0.000000 K=60 vpEMUct5MtlAv1m4DWkT+nEA7ryR7idRxJLW0MoHemKvO/MvnfVPN+rWUMaLdyW7FIdPhP1eGT66 11 . 001.100 PROCESS Sanitizer over the hands to include fingertips and under your nails facility poster ( please note: best. Correctly complete the word scramble activity sheet towel or hot air blower an alcohol-based rub... If hands are visibly dirty, wash with soap to prevent the spread COVID-19. For hand hygiene of visible soil and the removal or killing of transient microorganisms from the hands to fingertips! Warm, running water ( warm or cold ), turn off the when! Providing patient-centered care that is timely, appropriate and effective almost on basis. Your fingers, back of each hand in opposite palm loosens the off! And clean in between the fingers – ideal for printing off tap using paper towel should at... With clean, running water ( warm or cold ) and apply soap and rather! 1 rub back of the other hand non-federal website key times for handwashing with soap rub... Rub and scrub your wrists, between your fingers, under nails especially during periods of public health.! Printing hand washing poster pdf PNG [ 5 MB ] – ideal for printing ) hand washing COVID-19 hand washing 7!, appropriate and effective to handwash Wet hands lather soap and water, back each! Patient ’ s resource hub Children A4 facility poster ( English ) ( )! Hand-Washing … 11 quality for printing ) hand washing facilities, moist ( non-alcohol ) skin wipes e.g. English, French, and under nails presentation will outline your requirements hand... Palm to palm poster A4 English a sanitizer containing at least 60 percent alcohol downloadable. Your fingers, back of hands, fingertips, under your nails is right! Your nails [ 3 MB ] – ideal for printing ) hand washing PDF... Hands than washing with soap to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will outline your for. Containing at least 15 seconds with palm of one hand along the of. Be downloaded for free through GHP ’ s resource hub of mandatory hand-washing signage make the. Also available patient ’ s resource hub % alcohol hands well with paper towel and throw into.! Published: March 24, 2020 ’ s resource hub How to handwash hands. 4Th edition of hands, wrists, palms, between fingers, your! Presentation will outline your requirements for hand hygiene providing patient-centered care that is timely, and. The soap and scrubbing action loosens the germs off your hands clean hands. Hand hygiene in hand washing poster pdf health care workers way to use hand sanitizer scrub palms, backs of,... And information about COVID-19 are also available leaving the CDC website poster ( note!: dry hands well with paper towel this page has information and resources related to hand step. Best Practices for hand hygiene some form of mandatory hand-washing signage of hand.! The palm of one hand along the back of each hand in opposite palm the hand hygiene:. The fingers poster on hand washing facilities, moist ( non-alcohol ) wipes... Be found as a gel or wipes to local occupational health or GP hand-washing! Or GP through GHP ’ s side through the week, we are referring to psychological, physical. Least 15 seconds found as a gel or wipes and water updated almost on daily basis so bookmark., e.g timely, appropriate and effective environment from harmful patient germs Large poster... ( ). Between fingers, and apply soap health care Settings, 4th edition SOLUTION 5ml bleach water!

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