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Call for engineering projects | The Energy Bench



The Bench is a new collaborative engineering platform, created by the Sustainable Energy Chair, a joint venture of OCP.SA & UM6P. It aims to support & grow innovative engineering projects, addressing energy transition challenges, via a comprehensive package of support mechanisms.

Via the Bench, ambitious engineers, engineering scientists and/or entrepreneurs, holding promising project ideas to solve Energy related issues, will be provided funding (up to 100% of the project cost), access to research & entrepreneurship facilities of UM6P, access to our extended network of scientific & technical experts, accelerated product/process development (12 months max projects), as well as bridge to industry for testing & implementation of the solutions.

This year’s program is covering the following Energy Bench Themes:

  • EBT1: Solar Energy
  • EBT2: Energy Storage and conversion
  • EBT3: Energy Systems Maintenance
  • EBT4: Energy Management and Grid Solutions
  • EBT5 Data & AI in Energy Transition
  • EBT6: Energy for mining
  • EBT7: Energy for agriculture/agri-food
  • EBT8: Sustainable Mobility
  • EBT9: Sustainable Buildings

Click on the button below and submit your proposal no later than the 30th of September.

Here is the call for projects manual for more information about the program .

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