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PolyCom Tribe


At the PolyCom tribe, we design, synthesize and process novel polymeric and composite materials articulated on biomass-derived materials, nanomaterials, (bio)polymers and advanced polymer composites. This topic is located at the interface of physical and chemical engineering, macromolecular chemistry, nanotechnology and materials science.

The various research topics of the PolyCom tribe are represented in Fig. 1. Through these activities, we would like to understand the “processing-structure-property-applications” relationships in (bio)polymer and (bio)polymer based composite materials. This is necessary to find out new general concepts and designs, clearing the way for research advances and technological applications.

Importantly, beyond an excellent fit to MSN's strategic orientations, the proposed research areas match well with sustainable development actions that Morocco is pursuing in term of limiting the utilization of petroleum-based plastics for short-term uses, and maximizing the utilization of renewable materials and industrial by-products for long-term applications. This topic presents also a high potential for collaborations with other departments and research units inside and outside the UM6P.

Overall objectives

  • Implementing a technical platform equipped with modern technology for:
    • Processing and development of (bio)-polymer-based composite materials.
    • Conversion of lignocellulosic biomasses and wastes.
  • Training next-generation researchers and engineers in our research fields.
  • Establishing international collaborations for creating a solid network in this field.
  • Collaborating with local universities and institutions for national research development.
  • Collaborating with national and international industrial partners to develop innovative industrial projects.
  • Exploiting the potential of interdisciplinary approaches in materials science research.
  • Ensuring high-quality education for undergraduate and graduate students throughout the concept of learning-by-doing.


The PolyCom platform contains facilities for the processing of polymers, composites, and colloids. These include:

  • A laboratory twin-screw extruder
  • A heat press machine
  • An ultrasonicator
  • A coater (rotary drum and fluidised bed equipment)
  • A freeze-dryer

Twin screw extruder and fluidized bed available at MSN department

Prior to the processing step, the preparation/synthesis of the materials is done in the synthesis
laboratory, while the characterization of the prepared materials is done in the characterization laboratory. This latter allows characterization by: Spectroscopy (FTIR, UV, Raman); Microscopy (SEM, AFM); Structure (XRD); Thermal analyses (TGA, DSC, DMA); Texture (BET, pycnometer); Mechanical and rheological testing (uni-axial stretching, compression, torsion, rheometer)


The PolyCom tribe provides processing and analysis services in connection with its research activities for academic and industrial partners.

Teaching activities

PolyCom contributes to the education programs at MSN department via the following courses:

  • Polymers & Materials Resistance (M1, initial master)
  • Introduction to nanotechnology (M1, initial master)
  • Polymer physics and rheology (M2, initial master)
  • Technology of Polymer composites and nanocomposites (M2, initial master)
  • Processing of polymers & composites (M2, initial master)
  • Biosourced polymers and biocomposites (M2, initial master)
  • Matériaux composites et leur application (Executive master)


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