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Vision & objectives

Vision, objectives and quality


  • To advance science and technology
  • To drive cost efficient and environmentally friendly industrial solution development
  • To impact the Moroccan, African and international industrial landscape by transforming novel scientific and technological knowledge into industrial processes and startups, while embedding social responsibility and cultural awareness


The overall objectives for the department’s core activities: research, education and Entrepreneurship. These objectives are:

  • To embedd innovation and an agile culture in all the fabrics of the department
  • To become OCP’s partner of choice in all aspects of Materials and Energy related research, development and entrepreneurship
  • To contribute to the growth of UM 6 P as a regional and a continental champion in transformative research and education
  • To become an incubator for future researcher entrepreneurs


Some outcome images to achieve the overall vision of the department are:

  • “attractive academic environments”
  • “a good workplace with engaging and responsible leadership and employeeship”
  • “bold, strategic recruitment”
  • “professional and appropriately designed internal support services”
  • “the ability to generate, prioritise and reallocate resources”.

High-priority choices

The high-priority choices made by MSN encourages everyone in the department to contribute, with their unique ability and position, to our objectives. Parallel to the activities that are created, many common long-term initiatives are being put in motion.

Meet the digital transformation

The priority areas related to digitalization are:

  • The learning outcomes of MSN’s education are based on sustainable knowledge and skills that include the long-term digital transformation occurring in professional life and in society in general.
  • MSN offers excellent opportunities to execute and make available education and research with the aid of digital tools and support systems.
  • MSN’s teachers are well-equipped to manage digital tools and various forms of e-learning.

Transfer of MSN’s knowledge assets

The transfer of MSN’s knowledge assets is based on the following outcome images:

  • Knowledge of how various research and educational environments can transfer research results, and promote societal development, is available at MSN.
  • Routes to collaborative production and transfer have developed, in which the knowledge produced can reach practical use.
  • MSN’s research reaches a broad audience and makes an impact in societal debate.
  • Transfer examples are being documented, and case studies will be published.
  • Collaboration and mutilisation are integrated components of MSN’s quality assurance system for research and education.


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Ben Guerir, Morocco



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