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MSN Laboratories

High-class research is conducted at the MSN department thanks partly to top-class laboratory infrastructure and a laboratory management system that aims for excellence. Latest technologies and laboratory equipment in several research fields are available. A characterization platform that provides transverse support and training to researchers and students has also evolved into playing a central role in the development of the laboratory space. All equipment are available for academic and industrial research collaborations and are well prearranged in several platforms:

Sample and raw material preparation platform

  • Jaw Crusher Model II: PULVERISETTE 1
  • Drum Mill: TM 300 RETSCH
  • Sieving system for aggregate grain size distribution
  • High quality cleaning systems: Novatec 2CRD – 400
  • Ultrasonicator

Material synthesis platform

  • Physical vapor deposition system: CROSS FIELD PVD – 400
  • Spin coater
  • Tube furnace for high-temperature syntheses
  • Extruder (laboratory twin-screw extruder)
  • Heat press
  • Freeze dryer
  • Ovens and tubular furnaces
  • Freezer
  • Purified water system

Characterization and testing platform

  • X-ray diffraction: BRUKER D8 ADVANCE
  • Scanning Electron Microscope: ZEISS 300
  • Surface testing Machine: ANTON PAAR
  • X-ray fluorescence (XRF): PANALYTICAL EPSILON 4
  • Raman spectrometers: HORIBA - LabRAM HR Evolution
  • Mechanical testing machine for uniaxial/triaxial testing
  • Thermogravimetric Analyzers: TA instruments Discovery
  • Rheometer: Discovery HR-3, TA instruments
  • Laser Granulometer: Mastersizer 2000, Malvern
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeters (DSC): Discovery TA instruments
  • Fourier Transform InfraRed spectroscopy Spectrometer (FTIR): Frontier Perkin Elmer
  • UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer: Lambda 1050 Perkin Elmer
  • Gaz Chromatography: Clarius 500 Perkin Elmer
  • Surface Area Analyzers: Gemini VII 2390, Micromeritics
  • Pycnometer: AccuPyc II 1340, Micromeritics
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer: DMA 8000 PerkinElmer
  • Optical Microscope: eclipse e100, Nikon
  • Hight resolution Microscope: DSX500, Olympus
  • Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

Battery assembling and testing platform

  • Gloveboxes
  • Multichannel Battery test facilities for up to 144 channels
  • Redox flow battery test system (C-Flow LAB)
  • Compact Tape Casting Coater
  • Vacuum sealing machine
  • De-crimping coin cell machine
  • In situ and in operando X-ray diffraction for rechargeable batteries characterization
  • In situ and in operando Raman spectroscopy for rechargeable batteries characterization


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