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MSN charter

Develop work with fundamental values at MSN

The priority area relating to developing work with fundamental values at MSN is based on the following outcome images:

  • MSN’s operations promote a well-defined set of academic values focused on work, learning, trust and transparency.
  • Research at MSN follows good research practices with high demands on transparency throughout the research process.
  • The education at MSN aims to enhance the core values of the students.
  • The work environment at MSN promotes respect of the personal integrity of all co-workers and students.
  • Leadership and employeeship are guided by MSN’s core values for a positive workplace.

Charter design to reach the department’s objectives


We use the word charter to loosely indicate a set of guiding points, steps, principles and rules, which entice commitment through a logical approach. Build on a map of processes, the charter aims, among other things, to embed future entrepreneuring in the department’s culture, encourage the process approach to path clarification (see Figure below), and take account of the management, the research and the support processes (both administrative and technical) It is founded on the department’s vision and goals, as well as the understanding of our present conditions


Entrepreneuring is hereby defined as actions by individuals or groups that free spirits and energies and bring about new economic, social, institutional, and cultural environments. Thus, entrepreneuring is viewed as an emancipatory process with broad change potential

The MSN charter describes guidelines to help achieve personal and group objectives, to ensure social, economic, environmental and scientific impact, and to stay dynamic, agile and future oriented. To stay agile is no easy task, as bureaucratic practices tend to impose themselves This is understandable, especially for complex projects, as a balance between results and organization must be struck The research and development activities present the highest level of complexity, as is exhibited in the table below, where different types of projects show different levels of complexity It is seen that besides research, education and entrepreneurship, a research entity must be concerned with cultural, ethical, esthetical and psychological influences

Recognizing the complexities of conducting research, we decided to adapt a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) approach when designing the MSN charter. This ensures that our charter’s architecture is a succession of coherent, interdependent and consistent logical levels that are best visualized by a pyramid, as in the figure below.

Furthermore, in a collaboration with Dr. Thomas Druyen, a professor in Future Psychology, we identified the psychological implications of each of the logical levels in the pyramid as in the figure below. These elements will constitute a series of upcoming lectures.


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