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entrepreneuring” is hereby defined as actions by individuals or groups that bring about new economic, social, institutional, and cultural environments. Thus, entrepreneuring is viewed as an emancipatory process with broad change potential.

Around the world entrepreneurship has become a response to increased economic, social and environmental uncertainties. Especially in a context of the ongoing crisis, the values of entrepreneuring bring about the needed environment to avoid, social frustration and go-to solutions.

At MSN, researchers, educators and staff are all aware and convinced that success in their mission and the achievement of the department’s objectives can be made easier and more efficient by adopting an entrepreneurial culture. Several actions are, therefore, either implemented or being implemented. These are:

  • To continue to develop an agile organization and culture based on tribes
  • To guarantee the autonomy of tribes and their activities
  • To use collective intelligence to ensure maturity and efficiency in decision making.
  • To delegate responsibilities
  • To have a process-based approach to decision making and management
  • To imbed digitalization in all processes

Our main goal is to be an active actor in the UM6P entrepreneurship movement and OCP ecosystems. The adopted approach serves the following entrepreneurial purposes:

Implementation in education

  • Encouraging students to participate in national and international events and competitions
  • Inviting students to be proactive in proposing ideas, processes, or even programs
  • Having students take partial responsibility for equipment
  • Invite PhD students to participate and collaborate in training of Master students and interns
  • Involve students in identifying workflows and procedures and participate in implementing them in a collegial manner
  • Students’ participation in direct and indirect marketing of the department with visits to other universities, industries and …
  • Students’ participation in organizing workshop, conferences and schools
  • Students’ participation in MSN Newsletter and social media
  • IP awareness and training
  • Aiming to ISO certify the MSN’s education programs

Implementation in research

  • Building an international and competitive Material Science laboratory platform as a Business Unit, to support Material Science R&D and Education, and gives B2B scientific services as consulting, analysis reports in both Morocco and Africa
  • Building capacity for innovative FEED to scale up research results and help bridge research and industrial applications.
  • Provide the environment, acquire the skills and capabilities, and setup values that encourage proactivity and business mindedness:
  • Partnership and consortium development with an agile legal frame
  • Marketing of research, education, laboratory platform
  • Communication of the department’s activities through site web, social media, newsletter, Magazine, etc.
  • Financial management: incomes growth, budget control, costs optimization
  • Purchasing performance: total cost owner (TCO) optimization
  • Organization and Human resources development: an optimist entrepreneur-researcher
  • Quality best practices and excellence


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