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Dr. Youssef TAMRAOUI, 32 years old, is an Assistant Professor at MSN-UM6P since March 2019. Graduated from Hassan 1st University, he received his Ph.D. in Jun 2015. He spent two years as post-doctoral fellow at the Materials Science and Nano-engineering Department (UM6P, Morocco).

In the urban mining and sustainable materials fields, Dr. Tamraoui has strong skills on the valorization of industrial by-products issued from the phosphate industry, and their development into new materials with high added value. His research interests include developing new processes for the extraction of sulfur from phosphogypsum and phosphorus phosphoric acid (AP), as well as the extraction of heavy metals (Cd, As, Zn, Mg, Al, Ni, Mn…) from AP.

In the energy field ssi Youssef works towards the development of new functional materials based on perovskites, apatites and phosphates for solid oxide fuel cell, supercapacitors, CO2 reduction, and batteries applications. He has authored/co-authored over 20 articles, conference papers, and 5 national and international patents.

Selected publications:

  • H. Hannache, Y. Tamraoui, B. Manoun, J. Alami, S. Gmouh, M. Oumam «Process for the production of phosphorus» PCT/MA2019/050003 (04/12/2019)
  • H. Hannache, Y. Tamraoui, B. Manoun, J. Alami, M. Oumam «Process for the production of sulfur from phosphogypsum» PCT/MA2019/050004 (09/12/2019)
  • M. Lahlou, O. Cherkaoui, H. Hannache; M. El Bouchti; M. Oumam, N. Saloumi, O. Jamaleddine, Y. Tamraoui «Process for manufacturing phosphate glass fiber» MA-47836 (31/12/2019)


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